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High satisfaction in radiotherapy patients

According to a study in The Netherlands

Dutch patients are generally very satisfied concerning radiation treatments, giving a mean score of 9.1 on a scale of 0-10. The Dutch study confirms this is a remarkably high score. The analysis was done by Nivel.


The Dutch society for Radiation Oncology (NVRO) decided in 2010 to commission a system for quantitatively evaluating patient satisfaction. The 'Nivel' institute developed a ‘Consumer Quality Index Radiotherapy’. The first results have now been made public: 2000 patients, treated in 17 out of the 21 Dutch radiotherapy departments participated in the study. They scored the treatments 9.1, which is the highest score ever within the CQ-index system. The second highest score was obtained by ambulance staff (9.0/10).

The global score was high for all participating Dutch radiotherapy departments, but the CQ-score was still able to differentiate between departments, according to Nivel. The report concludes that the factors differentiating the radiotherapy departments were the possibility to influence the treatment time (of the day), the experience in the waiting rooms and treatment vaults, and the possibility to be followed by the same radiation oncologist.  The NVRO has the intention to offer the CQ-index to the quality Register of the 'Zorginstituut Nederland'. (This 'National Health Care Institute The Netherlands' uses standard methods and procedures for assessments. The institute assesses forms of care for inclusion in the statutory insured package.)

The Nivel report can be downloaded here (document in Dutch)

03 September 2014

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